Our telephone / Skype courses are highly customized. We respect our basic pedagogical grid but the following points are adapted to each learner:

Learning speed is adjusted to your personal pace. Once a subject matter is mastered, we move onto the next. We ensure classes are based on your progression speed. If we need to spend more time on a more difficult grammar point, we can do that. This is the advantage of individual learning. 

Are you planning a conference? Are you negotiating an agreement? Are you recruiting candidates in Latin America? We include simulations and specific learning topics to meet your needs. When you finish your class, you can use your newly acquired linguistic tools right away. This is another advantage of personalized courses.

Courses can be given from Monday to Saturday, from 7am to 10pm in periods of 30 min, 1 hour or 1.5 hours. For maximum efficiency, we recommend two to three classes per week.


First we do an oral evaluation to find out what your level is in our pedagogical grid.
Together, we determine your learning objectives.
We then propose a personalized training plan.
We determine a class schedule
You get the theoretical content for your upcoming classes by email or fax.
You then practice what you have learned by telephone/Skype during your conversation classes.

ADDITIONAL information

How does our oral evaluation work? It consists of a phone interview with an experienced teacher which lasts about 15 minutes. The result gives us the starting point for your training.

For maximum efficiency, we suggest a set schedule. Regularity is key. But should you have to cancel a courses, give us more than 24 hours’ notice, and the course will not be charged.